leeds Beckett LogoGraduation Day 2017

A warm welcome to all of you attending Leeds Beckett graduation Week.

Congratulations on your forthcoming graduation! Dine have partnered with Leeds Beckett to ensure that you can celebrate in style. The team at Leeds Beckett have created a Graduation Village, which will be based on The Acre and offer a fantastic spot to enjoy anything from a crisp glass of Prosecco to a gorgeous Summer Picnic.

Dine Hospitality uses the best produce, locally sourced wherever possible. We believe in applying our award-winning standards of food and service to all of our products and we look forward to welcoming you in the Graduation Village.

Graduation week is always a busy and exciting time, so this year you can place a pre-order for some of the items on this menu. Get ahead in graduation week and order your hospitality now it's easy; follow our quick registration process and then place your order

it's simple to order and a great way to guarantee fast access to hospitality after your graduation ceremony!

We have a fantastic selection of 'Graduation Treats' including picnic hampers, jugs of Pimm's, buckets of beer and bottles of Champagne & Prosecco, all of which can be pre-ordered here and simply collected on the day from our specially designated pre-order collection point.

The team is busy preparing your orders now, so it is no longer possible to either place new orders or alter existing ones.

A range of items will be available on the day of your graduation and we look forward to being of service. If you have already placed an order but have not paid, then please do so as soon as possible. If you need assistance, call our team on 0800 980 2911